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The Scenic Script Story - By Heather Viner-Millett

Thanks to my parents, I am a lover of the great outdoors. I spent my childhood summers at a cottage on Parry Island in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada and nature was my toy box.

I gathered pebbles from the beach to make candle holders, stole fungus from the trees to draw upon and collected driftwood to morph into whatever came to mind. Rocks, twigs, shells, glass, rusty bottle caps – they were all treasures.

In my teenage years I purchased my first camera and started capturing nature on film. (Kudos to Pentax as this camera served me well for over two decades !)

Through my camera lens I began to see things beyond the obvious – the side of the vintage window pane looked like an " L ", the caterpillar, all curled up, looked like an " O ", the young cedar bough formed a perfect " V " and the rusty hinge looked like an " E " ... LOVE !!!

I started grouping my photos together to create " word art " as gifts for my family and friends.

The idea caught on and Scenic Script was " written ".

With the help of my husband, Brian, it didn’t take long for me to figure out how to use the objects captured in my photos as actual letters and I now find myself once again gathering and working with nature’s elements – wood, metal, glass, flowers. Working with these pieces takes me back to my childhood and soothes my soul. The quirky, odd bits I come upon and incorporate into creations add an element of fun. And I must say, I am very fortunate in that a lot of kind folk quite often pass quirky, odd bits my way - thank you all !

It didn’t take long to train Brian to snag anything old or odd he chances upon. Just not sure I feel the love though when he says "Here’s something old and odd for something old and odd." lol !

Brian is Scenic Script's " Technical Difficulties Director ". The six words he loves to hear the most ...

" You know what I was thinking ? " ... not !

He has come to know this means I have an idea in my head that I'm not quite certain how to make work and, therefore, need his help.

Like myself, Brian is fortunate enough to have a Dad who took the time to teach him things outside of school. From carpentry to electrical to welding, and more, I'm fairly certain there's nothing Brian can't do.

(Why do I feel I'm never going to hear the end of that comment lol ?!!)

So when I come up with an idea I can't figure out I explain it to him and, for the most part, he gets it and shows me how to go about doing what it is I want to do.

Brian's welding skills are brilliant and I am intrigued by the seemingly endless possibilities that welding presents. I may "face the fire" this summer and try my hand at it - stay tuned !

I'm " Mom " to 4 grown children (all in their 20s now) and I'm fairly certain they think I’m slightly crazy when it comes to some creations but when I hear them say " Mom, I found you an " A " - I snicker knowing they have not fallen far from the tree.

I enjoy donating to causes near and dear to my heart, one being animal welfare. My " Woof " and " Meow " signs are the perfect auction items for this purpose as they are designed such that the " o " can hold a collar and/or leash - fun and functional !

Affordable housing is another cause I like to support and I recently teamed up with the local Habitat For Humanity Program and donate a " Home " sign as a housewarming gift for the ever-so-excited new owners of each home they dedicate. These signs are very much " full circle " as I can quite often be found hunting and pecking through the shelves of our local ReStore for the bits and pieces that are incorporated into the designs.

Recently I have been trying my hand at upcycled/repurposed creations, beyond signs, and I am finding this venture extremely interesting and exciting. Check out the " Restroom Valet " in the photo gallery !

I absolutely love the challenge of custom orders ! There's nothing better than listening to the customer's wishes, working away at capturing and creating their ideas and then taking in their reactions when they see the finished piece.

When not " scripting " I still like to wander away with my camera, putter in the garden, partake in the antics that come with having 4 grown children (and their significant others), spend time with my Dad and trudge through the woods with Bonnie and Clyde - the gangsters who stole my heart !

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