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Gallery 2

You may view any image in detail simply by clicking on it.

Spring Vase

We are in love with the simple beauty of this creation !

Wine Caddy

A unique way to have all the fixings for wine time close at hand.

Barnyard Bouquet

Sometimes everything comes together perfectly and that's what happened with this bouquet ! It all fit and looked fab right off the bat !


These are a great decorative piece to have out all winter long.

Restroom Valet

The full length version ! And yes - there's our toilet for the whole world to see !

Bath Caddy

A custom order bath caddy.

Love ...

... on the rocks.

Romantic Runner

A barn board table runner with inlaid candles - adds instant romance to any table setting.


A beautiful vase fastened to a rustic piece of barn board - fully functional. An original way to enjoy the blooms from your garden - as wall art !

Eat - Tea - Ate ...

You decide ! This trio of letters can be mixed and matched to suit your preference.

Hoe Holder

When is a hoe not a hoe ? When it's repurposed into a vase holder ! A great piece to use for holiday decorating year round.

Restroom Valet

A close-up look.


Because you always need an extra pair !

True Love

Who remembers carving their initials in a tree like this ? A custom order - TJ is a teacher and RC loved TJ, the Leafs and lacrosse.


She's another one of our favourites ! An old cultivator tool repurposed into a ring holder. The contrast between the jewels, rust and wood is awesome !

Tot Plot

This was a really fun sign to create ! We donated it to a local, community garden group to mark their children's plot.

Memorial Marker

Our wonderful customer, TJ, lost her soulmate quite suddenly and, after time, asked us to make this tiny memorial marker to be placed at his grave in remembrance of their love. A truly touching honour for us.


This is what happened when we set out to make Frosty from rusty pieces - "Frusty" seems rather fitting !

Barn Board Ornament

We put a spin on the traditional Christmas ornament and came up with this ! These look great in groups of 3 !

Rustic Organizer

The perfect catchall - a hanger, shelf, notepad and pen and pencil holder all in one. Hang this by the front or back door - super handy !

Pocketful of Love

Denim and barn board have been perfectly paired together in this creation - a truly original Valentine's Day gift !

Sing It With Us ...

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and ... Wait ! There's no Parsley in this one - just Sage, Rosemary and Thyme - but you get the idea right ?

Spring Vase

These beauties are very popular - and make a great Mother's Day gift !

Candle Table Runner

This is our longest table runner to date - 7 feet ! These can be used as table décor all year round. Just change up the candles and beads - add flowers or whatever you fancy - in keeping with your décor or holiday theme.


A fun, festive sign - perfect for winter decorating.


You may have noticed by now that these are a popular item also ! The vases are fully functional - they can be used for flowers, feather, seasonal decorations - whatever !

Shutter Pocket

A rusty metal panel fastened to an old shutter to create a pocket. The pocket is lined with wax cloth so it will hold soil and water. An ideal planter for anywhere - inside or out. Just imagine morning glories creeping and cascading all around it !

Wooden Candle

This is one slightly sinister and seriously sexy creation ! You can change up the candles and add seasonal decorations to keep it current all through the year. These look great in pairs in a dining room !

B 3

Barn Board Boot - stocking actually, but stocking doesn't start with the letter B ! A unique holiday decoration.


This creation captures the quirky beauty nature quite often bestows upon us - the kind we drool over !

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