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Gallery 3

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You Get What You Give

You Get What You Give - Our first custom order "phrase" and boy was it interesting to work on ! The theme was music, fishing, the beach and firefighting. (And we just had to add a splash of purple glitter for STK !) The wood is stained maple and we had to be ever so careful with it compared to the barn board we usually work with. You can get away with accidental "slips" on the barn board as they add character - not so with this beauty. It is a tad long - to the tune of 8 feet. It looks awesome in its forever home and its forever family certainly gets what it means to give.

Sir Hootigan !

Sir Hootigan ! This handsome fellow was quite the project. He is made entirely from repurposed items. His body is a piece of salvaged plywood. His wings are barn board. His tuft of "hair" is the end of a garden rake. His eyes are Zamboni brushes, reflectors and glass candle holders painted blue. His eyebrows are lawnmower blades. His beak is an old, leather bicycle seat. His feet are the claw ends of old cultivator tools and his tail feather is the end of a garden edger. He is about 12 feet tall and 14 feet across. He is perched proudly just beyond our garden gate.

The Spillers

The Spillers - We created this as a housewarming gift for our son and daughter-in-law. "Spillers" is a combination of their last names. It is mounted on their poolhouse - hence the beach theme. It comes complete with a message in the bottle ! The Gangsters decided they wanted to be under foot while this piece was in the making so space in the workshop was limited to say the least (check out the photo in "Behind The Scene").


Ethan - A custom order sign for a teenager who loves The Hobbit, Mindcraft and The Hunger Games. This piece took a lot of thought and we love the ideas we came up with. Can you find "My Precious" ?


Docktails - A closeup look complete with the interchangeable arrow ends (so you can point it either way).


Hooked - A trio of distressed hooks on waxed barn board.

The Holletts

The Holletts - A custom order wedding gift for a couple that enjoy cooking.


Quinn - A custom order for a little princess.

Cindy' Garden

Cindy's Garden - A custom order gift for a Mom who loves to garden and, believe it or not, clean !?!! The "G" is a vacuum hose.

Ladle Lantern

Ladle Lantern - A vintage ladle mounted on barn board - casts a beautiful, warm glow.

Spoonlight !

Spoonlight ! Three brass, vintage spoon ends fastened to barn board as candle holders. This was a hard piece to photograph - look at the photo upside down and you'll get a better idea of what it looks like !

Barnyard Bouquet


Bloom - Just beautiful !


Bloom - This was our first attempt at scripting on canvas - a dainty bloom ! We're likin' the look !


Joy - Love the simple, rvstic look of this piece.


Wallflower - Three old style milk bottles fastened to a weathered piece of barn board and fancied up with a rope necklace. The bottles are fully functional as vases and can be removed to fill and empty.


Redneck - A custom order sign.

Barnyard Bouquet

Barnyard Bouquets - A closeup look.

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