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First Love

This is our very first Scenic Script creation! We donated it to the local Habitat For Humanity ReStore for their fundraising event.

Docktails !

When you're having cocktails on the dock we call them "docktails" ! This arrow-shaped sign will direct your guests in the right direction (the arrow ends are interchangeable).


This is a custom order surname design. Love the "T" - it's a vintage squeegee !

Rolling Pin Hooks

This is a fabulously chippy piece of wood with the ends of vintage rolling pins fastened to it. The pins act as hooks for tea towels, aprons etc. Great idea for a farm kitchen.

Heavy Duty Love

This creation is big and bold with an industrial look and feel to it.


The contrast between the worn barn board and glittery letters is stunning on this piece !

Beachy Love

The burlap lends a warm, beachy look to this sign.


Summertime fun with pool noodles and windmills. Hang it poolside or let it float around the pool !

The Key To My Heart

A barn board heart decorated with an old key. A great Valentine's Day or housewarming gift.


Not sure how many favourites we can have but this is another one ! We donated it to a local community garden venture to mark their "Potluck Plot".

Bevvy of Blooms

Naturally beautiful barn board pieces paired with glass vases to create a one-of-a-kind floral display.

Love - Industrial Style

This is a very popular look nowadays.


A custom creation for a gentleman who loves to play guitar and golf. One of our favourites ! Love, love, love the guitar strings along the bottom ! You can actually "play" them !

Little Love

Petite, pretty and pink.


This is a popular request - love the colourful, playful look of this one.


A lovely old frame with four sweet letters - the "E" is our favourite - it's part of an old lamp.

Bubbles and Bubbly !!!

A barn board bath caddy complete with a candle holder, room for a vase of fresh flowers, your favourite book or magazine and ........ wait for it ......... your glass of wine ! Does that not sound heavenly ?

Guess !!!

This is our Scenic Script "test" piece. Hint - we had the farmer folks in mind when we created this one. Sound out each letter .... yep ... E I E I O !!! Well done !


It's always fun to design a "Friends" sign based on ideas from our customers.


A custom order surname creation for a wonderful family. Love the look of this one and the "feel" of the photo - just look at that dappled sunlight ! Pretty certain there's a garden fairy hiding somewhere !


A sweet sign for the baby's room. We can coordinate the ribbon to match any colour scheme.


Love how the "V" in this piece looks like a butterfly.


This would look sweet tucked into a coffee/tea nook.


Three distressed hooks mounted on barn board. Love the colours and the contrast ! So many uses !

Leftover Love

A quick little love whipped up from leftover pieces - it just sort of came together when tidying up !

Restroom Valet

This creation is definitely on the fav list ! A custom order toilet paper dispenser/roll holder made from a funnel, old tool handle, cultivator claw and an enamel door knob. There's a full length view in Gallery 2 !


A custom order surname sign.


Spring just wouldn't be right without a spring !

Painted Love

There's great original paint colour in this piece of love.


For the gardener - or non-gardener - a bloom that needs no water or weeding. Guaranteed not to wilt !


Perfect for the kitchen or dining area.

Rise 'n Shine

A favourite family saying and a great way to start each day.


This little bit of love can be tucked in anywhere.

Long Lost Love

This is a gorgeous creation ! A vintage heart paired with a key that fits perfectly in the barn board hole - all wrapped up with a delicate gold ribbon. It has a lovely journal look to it.

Bath Caddy

A custom order bath caddy - complete with a wine glass holder.


A rustic barn board heart filled with joy !


Did we mention this is a popular request ?!

Barn Board Shelf

This is a beautiful and unique piece ! The wood is rich with character - there's three hooks for hanging items - and the top board is the shelf, complete with a vase nestled in it that can hold flowers, your loose change - whatever !


A colourful piece of old painted wood - the perfect palette for love.


We created this piece in support of all loving relationships.


This was one of our first creations and was very popular after a long, cold, snow-filled winter.

Bee Friends

A custom order for a customer whose friend likes bees and doing crossword puzzles.


A great gift idea for those with a green thumb.


This creation makes a beautiful, rustic housewarming gift.

Moon River

The first few bars of a favourite family song are captured in this creation along with lots of wonderful memories.


Plain and simple with a touch of "glass" - the "O".

Cason Zen

A custom order sign for a child's room. We loved working on this ! The Bohemian theme meant lots of colour and this was our first creation calling for the letter "Z" !


A perfect vintage gift for those reaching a perfect vintage age !

Rustic Roller

One of the handles from an old cross cut saw repurposed into a toilet paper roll holder. A fav for sure !


Our first "Eat" sign. We gifted this to the beautiful hostess of a local, gourmet cooking school, where we took several classes, as a thank you gift.


A sprinkling of snow complete with a vintage Christmas ornament as the "O".

Make A Wish

We did and this is it ! Love the contrast of the burlap next to the colours of the peacock feather.

Bevvy Of Blooms

The shabby chic / chippy version of our vase holder.

Woof !

We donated this piece to a local animal shelter fundraising event. The first "O" is an old spool - ideal for hanging collars/leashes.

Luck Of The Irish

An authentic horseshoe mounted on barn board that was distressed with a hint of green. A four leaf clover charm completes the look.

Dinner Is Served

An old cheese tray repurposed into a funky 'n fancy dinner tray for furry friends.


A sweet nursery addition for a sweet nursery addition.

Boo !

Did we scare you ?! Did you find Mr. Rat ?


The perfect sign to add a splash of fun to the pool area or, better still, the bathroom !


We'll leave the caption for this one up to you lol !

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